A Vancouver Native, Cam Wilkison first picked up his first guitar at the age of 12. When his family moved to Vancouver Island in 2007, that guitar became his heart and soul. By the age 14, Cam had learned Iron Maiden’s debut album from start to finish, an album which still actively influences his style to this day. Cam’s largest overall musical influence, however, is Muse, as he idolizes Matthew Bellamy’s musical prowess. Cam’s vehicle for expression is his fingers on the six strings of a guitar, communicating passion and happiness to all who are listening. It is simply what he lives for. In his downtime, Cam enjoys soccer, reading history and purchasing ridiculously flashy blazers online.








Vocals/Bass Guitar

Tanner Aguiar has always been mildly obsessed with music. The band that first inspired him was Led Zeppelin, and since then Tanner’s influences have grown nonstop. Inspired by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Tanner began playing bass at age 13. Easygoing but still ceaselessly determined, his love of music is his drive in life. Tanner sings nonstop everywhere he goes, passionately bellowing out the lyrics and melody. He’s magnetic, and his biggest point of pride is making an honest living as a musician, without ever once having gone to rehab.



It’s hard not to be influenced by music at a young age while growing up in a household like Cassandra’s. Music played round the clock, whether it was a blues record or her mother’s voice or the sound of her dad’s guitar. Enrolled in classical piano lessons at age 7,  Cassandra began writing at 12, composing her first ever song on acoustic guitar and naming it “Scream”. Since then, performing and writing have been her two greatest passions, and lately, it’s all she thinks about.  When she’s not playing in Toy Zebra, she likes to get loopy with her solo looping musical act, using keys, guitar, ukulele, tambourine, her voice, and anything else she can think of to transform herself into a one-woman band. Music is beyond compare in the way that it inspires, heals, entertains and tells real stories, and that is something Cassandra wants to be a part of.